quotes of Cynthia Weil; 45 quotes

"On the other hand when you are someone who records their own songs you are basically stuck writing for one voice and for one style that can stifle you a bit. It's a real trade off."

"You'll probably hit them in the face, but Sometimes it's something you've got to do."

". As far as his recording career, it almost seemed that it just wasn't meant to be and no matter what we did, it turned out wrong."

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"My nature is to be linear, and when I'm not, I feel really proud of myself."

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"But I must say I am happiest when something hits and I've written it with Barry. After all these years, I am still amazed by his genius."

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"The business today is completely different and it's very producer driven, so that a songwriter needs to have producing chops, be a singer/songwriter, or find a singer to develop."

"I was never conscious of any distractions other than hearing an incredible Goffin and King lyric and pushing harder to do better because they were so good.."

"I had written this really depressing ending in which when everybody says you get over things, and I thought I would love again, but wrong again."

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"You just have to believe in yourself when you've got something, and just keep pounding on the door, because if you pound long enough, somebody is going to open it."

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"I was always very linear. I had to be a good girl and finish verse one before I would allow myself to have the pleasure of verse two."

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