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"He was just doing a good deed, some guys just trying to break into a car and take the rims. And he told them, 'Y'all leave that car alone,' and one of the guys just took a gun and shot my baby in the head three times."

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"No violations are acceptable. We take these things very, very seriously. We've taken immediate action to correct them. We've addressed the issues. All of them have been corrected."

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"It is our policy that all detainees are treated humanely and to report any suspected detainee mistreatment and investigate that thoroughly."

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"We continue to believe we acted responsibly."

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"This is a communiversity fall festival, our fifth year. We do this as part of giving back to the community. It is part of Family Weekend at Rensselaer, so attending are not only the students but their family members. We've got more than 1,500 family members here today."

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"I think it's awesome, ... They possess talents we aren't aware of."

"This is the first set of behaviors that they learn. We want to make sure at the beginning that we can get a good idea of their health status."

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