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"I think we'd be hard-pressed to find many people with the generosity of Curt Gowdy. He did whatever we asked and more."

"The detectives are working the case very hard. They've been canvassing the neighborhood, talking to associates of the family and trying to find any possible leads."

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"There's other law enforcement agencies that are looking into any similarities with these cases. We know there was a home invasion in Chesterfield and they have been charged with that one."

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"We're definitely taking a close look at him. We haven't specifically named him as a suspect, but some people are saying he's at the top of our list."

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"probably a pretty accurate assumption."

"That's part of the investigation and at this time I cannot confirm that."

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"We know women influence up to 85 percent of all (auto) purchases. We decided to create an event that's a more relevant experience for women."

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"We're not calling anyone a suspect. At this time, the Richmond Police Department has not identified a suspect, but we have several persons of interest. We've interviewed several people extensively."

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"If she's hearing any of this, we want her to call in. We want her to know that she shouldn't worry that it's gotten so much attention. We just want her to let us know that she's safe."

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"Whether Ms. Behl is still in Richmond, in state or out of state, we have the resources needed to locate her and bring her back to safety."