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"U.S. tech workers, ... are increasingly nervous about employers' use of temporary non-U.S. citizens in tech jobs. The most anxiety comes from the most vulnerable."

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"There's a strong grass-is-greener effect here,"

"And people in the Northwest,"

"And others warned us,"

"The best for me is word of mouth, because all who know my work know how good I can be at what I do. It also makes the interview easier, because they've heard about me from someone else and know it's not just me boasting. I still dread looking. It's troublesome to be turned down for any reason, good or bad."

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"Workers making more than $100,000 in yearly salary,"

"In a lot of cases,"

"Just about everyone wants to strike out on their own sometime. But they won't do it for the money -- what they're looking for is more control over their professional lives."

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"Most agree the present environment makes it harder to succeed with self-employment."

"The Northwest also has a high percentage of self-employed tech professionals: They may be speaking from sad experience."

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