quotes of Cynthia Johnson; 10 quotes

"I think this is a chance for a whole new beginning for the board."

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"In the past two years, since so many burrito places have been opening up, people have been going there."

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"He didn't get the time that we may feel he deserved, and he may not get it in this lifetime. But before it's all over with, he will get it."

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"Basically the plan is to purchase land for resource protection, but also make it available for public recreation,"

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"It's safe to say that I'm against what they believe in."

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"All the parties have come together."

"and either they are not replaced or they are kept inside the bassinet and, in some cases, actually taped inside the bassinet."

"It's possible that the university hoped some interloper or somebody they had no control over came and switched these babies, ... Well, it was very clear that that didn't happen."

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"I tell families frankly that I don't see (chelation) as benign and it's really very scary to me,"

"Our staff don't take to rhetoric, they need proof."

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