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"The interns are not all beginning students. I often say we specialize in moms around here. Women who have been out of the work world while raising their families are encouraged to take the Reporting 1 class and spend a semester here with us, learning about and reporting on the community."

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"Many?people?don't realize that we actually produce six different newspapers and the HCN (Houston Community Newspaper)-wide entertainment section Greater Houston Weekly in this office. That is an average of 150 pages each week! We do all that with just a handful of folks - who don't receive much in the way of money for their efforts."

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"I think we have the best weekly newspaper in the Houston region. Our readers tell us over and over (although we never get tired of hearing it) that they love the Observer . We love it too!"

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"The Observer belongs to you, the readers. Each week we want the paper to be a reflection of what happened in our community and preview what is going to happen. We want your suggestions, letters, comments, photos, wedding announcements - everything. The reporters want to hear from you - that is why their personal e-mail addresses are printed at the end of each story they write."

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"The reason they work here is because it is enormously rewarding. Yes, there are days when it is stressful, or when readers are angry - but for the most part, this is the best job in the world. I can truthfully say that there has never been a day when I didn't want to go to work."

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