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"It's been a struggle, but I think we're staying in games and giving ourselves a chance to win. If we can keep doing that, then hopefully we'll be able to capitalize and get some wins."

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"It just kind of seemed like there were good opportunities to be had out there. It was kind of sloppy at each end."

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"Like Dougie (Weight) says, it's learning to win again. It's doing the little things that it takes to win, tonight was a prime example of that. The last two games were good examples of a lot of the leadership and a lot of the character in the room."

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"It's funny how clean that went in ... it could have went through the little slit, you know, those boards that they used to put up between periods."

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"It's funny how clean that one went in ... just right in the middle of the net."

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"The coach looked over at me and told me to get in there and the blood started pumping. I felt real excited just to get in there and get back at it."

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"It was a tape-to-tape pass, right there on the doorstep. I just couldn't get over there quick enough."

"I think my play so far this season has been pretty good. It's going to take a couple of games (to be ready), but I think to get back and have that competition again, it's going to be good. Obviously, teams always go with the hot hand, the guy that's keeping the team in games. I'm looking forward to getting back and feeling like I can do that."

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"We'll test it a little more intensely (today) and see how that feels. Right now, it's feeling a heck of a lot better than it did."

"Obviously he's on fire. Even the games I've watched on TV, he seems to be getting points every night. He's an elite player."

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