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"What is also interesting is this condition is not really recognized in other countries - you wonder what we are treating."

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"Something must be done to counteract the escalating cost of prescription drugs."

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"Taking steps to reduce drug costs doesn't have to hamper drug development, as drug makers claim. Adapting policies and tools already in widespread use around the world could produce major savings for U.S. consumers without compromising the quality of medical care."

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"The goal of the project was to provide essential information to health planners, politicians, health care professionals and others with the desire to improve public health in the face of limited resources."

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"Americans don't need to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs ? with our average expenditures increasing by 12 to 15 percent every year. No documented health benefits are associated with the excess cost, and many elderly and low-income Americans cannot afford current prices without major sacrifice."

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