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"Mark Warner has a history of flip-flopping on taxes. Despite a campaign promise not to raise taxes, while governor of Virginia he supported raising billions of dollars in taxes time and time again."

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"Iowa has so many markets, you have to buy time on so many different stations, Everything costs more nowadays, and it's a big state and the candidate has to travel all across Iowa."

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"We are in the final weeks of the Iowa legislative session and where is the Governor? He's been in Florida, Washington D.C. and New York, just in the past four days. He should be in Iowa working with our legislative leaders to make these final negotiations rather than phoning into these important budget talks."

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"There are ways to get noticed and ways to be taken seriously that would be beneficial to Iowans, as well, and the governor has not demonstrated he is capable of doing it all."

"His biggest obstacle is that he lacks focus. His attention, I think, is in 49 other states."

"One thing is for sure, with a Culver/Judge ticket there will be more of the same and still no clear plans for Iowa."

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