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"Every time you open an account, you're dinging your credit rating a little bit."

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"It's your GPA as an adult."

"Consumers who are thinking of opening one of these no-limit credit cards may want to think how deeply their scores will be affected."

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"In some ways, they've added one more card to their playing hand."

"Wait until the paperwork is delivered before going out and borrowing more."

"This is the worst time to miss a bill. Pay down any large credit card or other large revolving accounts if you can, because high balances will hurt your credit rating. And avoid opening any other accounts before the loan you're pursuing is closed."

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"We need a certain amount of documented history before we can make a prediction."

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"The first stumble is really expensive. If you already have a low score and there's a delinquency, your score won't drop by as far."

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"If your credit report shows that you had six or more inquiries in the last 12 months that you triggered, you are eight times more likely to go bankrupt than somebody without any inquiries."

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