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"Friends and family allocations of new (stock) issues goes on every day all over the country. Some people think it's fair and some people think it's an abuse, but it happens and there's a lot of gray areas when it comes to these situations. I'm sure the defense had experts prepared to testify that this . . . is a routine part of the modern business world."

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"It is significant and punishing to suffer a felony conviction. A lot of doors get closed. However, becoming a millionaire can buy you a lot of new doors to open."

"The key question is what triggered the hospitalization. Was it the unsatisfactory end of a relationship with her boyfriend? The defense could argue that [the victim] acts irrationally and destructively when she experiences the unsatisfactory end of a relationship with a man."

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"He had an explanation for everything. It was a fascinating chance to explore the mind of O.J. Simpson."

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"There's no doubt that the O.J. Simpson case was the start of legal analysts, big time. As the case unfolded, I was fairly well convinced he was guilty and that the prosecution was doing a poor job of proving it."

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"To get rid of the damage, it would make all of the members of Team Kobe have a partial lobotomy. The information is basically in their heads."

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