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"We're not going to see this much energy in a building probably until 2010. We really learned a lot this time, and I think we're going to be much better skaters because of that."

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"Having three is going to be huge. Next year's Canadian championships are going to be awesome. We have pairs pushing each other, feeding off this, fighting for first and fighting to get one of those three spots at next year's Worlds."

"It was a great day for Canadian pairs skating."

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"It's an awesome day for pairs skating in Canada. To have a young team coming up (Dube/Davison) and do what they've done this week is incredible."

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"We have enough experience as far as our performances are concerned that we know what we have to do. We're going to stay calm and do what we do, and let the standings fall where they may."

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"We've been skating with them for years. It's so funny, because as big as they've gotten in the eyes of the audience and the skating world, they're still the same guys who run around and stick their tongues out as they go by."

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"This is more relaxed and it doesn't feel like the biggest competition of the year."

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"Jess and Bryce are amazing skaters and they did a truly unbelievable job."

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"For some reason, I just couldn't find my knees. The performance itself, if you skip the jumps, was good."

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"Our Grand Prix season was better than it's ever been so I think we're ready. We're expecting pressure and that in itself is ammunition enough for us this week."

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