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"It's a great feeling, a tremendous feeling. But we haven't accomplished anything yet."

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"We executed and we came out with a victory."

"Overall everyone swung the bats and did everything right,"

"Everything had to work perfectly on that double play, and it did. It was an unbelievable ending."

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"It's a huge home run under the circumstances the last couple of days, with what my mom went through. She wanted me to get here and not miss any games."

"We were two, tired old men walking out there, holding each other up, letting the kids celebrate. I went to the training room and passed out."

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"We've got to go back to their ballpark. We'll put this one behind us. We've been through too much this year not to. It hurts, but it's over. Move on."

"That way I won't have to miss any games. This is the time of year where it's a little bit of a tough time, and she didn't want me to miss any games, anyway."

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"We've got to take care of our own business. If we don't do that, we could be sitting at home in a few weeks."

"She didn't want me to miss two days considering the players that we have out and how banged up we are now. Typical baseball mom, she's taking it for the team."

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