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"These guys pinned their ears back and got after it. I kind of challenged these guys before we walked out there. I said, 'Let's make a name for ourselves on defense. Our offense has just been so great over the last few years. People say this defense is not comparable, but this was a first step to disproving that."

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"Tonight was a great start for the defense. It's time for this defense to step up."

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"So often, our offense gets a lot of credit. They've done great things, but it's time for the defense to get a name for ourselves and play hard and be just as good as our offense."

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"Everybody wants to win and it's going to take everybody in this locker room to get it done. There's no one guy that's going to ever come in and change the atmosphere of the whole team. ... It's never a one-man show out there."

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"We're going to roll and see what happens. I feel like Superman. I feel like I could go all day. But that's not my deal [to decide]."

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"Dungy said. ''He's really a power player, a physical presence inside. He's much bigger than we've had inside."

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"I couldn't tell you. I haven't been on the scales in a little while. But I've done things this offseason that I haven't done in the past. I've run the stadium steps over at Doak Campbell. I just want to get down to where I play my best, whatever weight that is. I just want to be where I feel comfortable out there."

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"He called me up and said, 'Corey, you know, listen, I'm going to let you go,' ... He knew that was a tremendous opportunity for me. And they were comfortable in the position that they were moving, getting some of those young guys in there. And from a business standpoint, it saves them some money. So there were no hard feelings. It was somewhat of a surprise because I had the tag on me all offseason."

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"Simon told The Philadelphia Inquirer. ''I had a great five years, and I enjoyed every minute of it."

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"I didn't expect them to lift the tag, ... This gives me a chance to be a free agent, but I have mixed feelings. I'm going to miss the guys I played with there and the coaches I played under. I had a great five years, and I enjoyed every minute of it."

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