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"Ralph Waldo Emerson had this philosophy about be silly, be honest and be kind. I really try to talk to a lot of people about that on the team, and Joy is certainly all those qualities."

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"At summer club meets he kind of coaches little kids at Hillside."

"We kind of had to reinvent him as a sprinter, and he's doing well."

"I don't think a lot of teams were counting on him to be as fast as he is. He works hard. He hits two-a-days, and last year was really his first time swimming."

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"He's an all around swimmer and diver. In fact, he's going to be a big part in a couple of our relays tomorrow."

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"But I think I am the only one that feels any pain about that. He just moves forward and does what he needs to do."

"He has a lot of humility. I've never heard him complain, not once, about the events that he's in or about the relays he's in."

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"She had a sweet, sweet 50 in the prelims last year (26.1), so that was kind of what we were chasing and it just didn't quite come down for her this year. So I was hoping there was a 50 sprinter in there with that distant sprinter."

"I think that they are an example to the other freshman of perseverance and what can happen if you dedicate yourself to something. And I don't think it is easy. I don't think it is easy dealing with me."

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"Rarely will he say, 'I'm happy with that swim' because he has such high goals. And he won't stop until he meets them."

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