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"Trying to tie this in with terrorism is a little overblown because you can't communicate that kind of information over a non-secured system that goes outside the FBI anyway."

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"Well, I will quickly correct the record that they are not anti-war extremists. The majority of people I saw in Crawford were actually veterans' groups."

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"This was a lied-into war that is a quagmire now, ... It could be worse than Vietnam. The truth is we can't win, and there's still an ongoing deception."

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"I never really anticipated this kind of impact."

"HQ (headquarters) personnel never disclosed to the Minneapolis agents that the Phoenix Division had, only approximately three weeks earlier, warned of al Qaeda operatives in flight schools seeking flight training for terrorist purposes,"

"I never really anticipated this kind of impact when I wrote this letter to Director Mueller two weeks ago."

"was misrepresenting what Minneapolis was telling them."

"It puts a human face on this issue. Many people, if they don't have a personal connection to the troops, it's so easy for this to become a discussion that lacks seriousness and urgency. I think it's good to show that there are real people that are being affected."

"We have got to call America's attention to this in order to stop the continuation of errors."

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