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"Leash walking, lots of love is definitely the way to go. The catchphrase is 'responsible pet owner.' It's realizing that your pet is going to want to wander and taking all the steps to prevent it."

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"It's basically an injection, but it's a good-sized shot. The animals don't seem to mind it, but it tends to freak some owners out."

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"Sam liked to get out and run with my neighbor's dogs. All of the dogs were poisoned. Sam didn't make it."

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"It's the same reason we go on vacation. It's a change. The living is just as good somewhere else."

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"We put a tie on Sam for the party. He took off that night. He came back three days later wearing a T-shirt. That's how we knew he was going somewhere else and hanging out. We found out he was staying with another group of college kids around the corner."

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"For the longest time, I couldn't figure it out."

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