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"He's had a nice (hitting) streak. Has he been hotter? Yes,"

"We couldn't buy a hit when we needed one. We went three games where we got the hit when we needed it and we haven't been able to get one the last three games."

"That's not the way it is. I think it takes some pressure off of him. And it shows those guys what they are capable of collectively."

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"I think it was as important for the group to win without Todd in the lineup as it was for Todd to see the group win without him,"

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"It is something we have dealt with since Day 1. You can't recreate that environment. It's just the ability to go out there and slow the inning down as much as you can."

"I thought he handled a couple of challenges very well. I thought his first 10 pitches were up a bit, and then I thought he got pretty good command of the strike zone down."

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"Things we have talked about for three months, he has been able to put into play. He has had a challenging season. We've found out about his toughness. We've seen his competitiveness. He has become more coachable."

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"It's not free. He is going to invest in his future. It's a good plan."

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"He played short catch yesterday and long toss today. We'll try to get him up on a slope and throw tomorrow, and see where we go from there. He's making good progress, though."

"I've got an accountability and responsibility to do whatever I can to help this team win a ballgame,"

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