quotes of Claude LeRoy; 11 quotes

"Football is a school of humility and behavior. I am not proud of our second red card in two games. I am not happy with the way some of my players are behaving ... I feel a bit ashamed."

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"If they are not paid, they will not play the quarter-final. That's absolutely sure, absolutely certain."

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"I bet no other coach has been able to do that."

"Everything is OK from yesterday but too much energy was spent on this issue."

"We are in the running but it's a very difficult game against Cameroon."

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"To play 75 minutes with 10 men is a huge performance."

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"Before the game against Angola, there were as many as twenty people trying to call him and tell him he could earn so much money... maybe his concentration was upset."

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"We will try our best at least to draw the game but to be honest we are not ready to play for a draw. At a tactical level, we can't really endure a defensive siege for 90 minutes, so we'll be out to play our normal game."

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"To play 75 minutes with 10 men is a huge performance. We were trying to recover and get something from Cameroon ... We have four points more than Togo and three more than Angola. That's OK for me."

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"I'm tired of it all, very tired."

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