quotes of Abdel Rahman; 30 quotes

"Some people do not want democracy. (However) we are determined to have these primaries today."

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"The right to statehood is no longer in question and it (the declaration) makes clear that negotiations are to lead to statehood."

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"It's going to antagonize not only the Palestinians but the Arab world."

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"That is absolutely nonsense, ... Those kinds of statements are not helpful."

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"unacceptable and should be deplored."

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"The only way for the Palestinians and Israelis to live side by side in peace is when Israel respects the right of the Palestinian people to live as a free nation, free of the tyranny of the occupation, free of the tyranny of discrimination, free of the tyranny of violating the rights of the Palestinian people."

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"The U.S. did not have Jewish-American settlements in Afghanistan and the U.S. was not occupying Afghanistan in the same way that Israel is occupying the Palestinian territories."

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"We have no hesitation in condemning the violence and those acts of violence, and we condemn the killing of civilians, as we say always, Palestinian civilians as well as Israeli civilians."

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"To use Apache helicopters to fire missiles at civilian quarters, that's a violation of international law. To destroy homes over its inhabitants, that's a violation of international law. Not to allow humanitarian aid for 14 days to arrive to wounded people, that is a violation of international humanitarian law."

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"It is not the numbers that count; it is the methods used by Israel in dealing with a civilian population."

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