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"People were very cautious, to say the least, because of his reputation as a tough guy who didn't like the U.N. ... In fact, I was the only one who said that Bolton was an intelligent man who could be creative and constructive and wouldn't go around bullying delegations."

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"I am satisfied with the level of cooperation. I don't think that putting an unbearable pressure on Syria would really be very productive at this stage."

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"We hope to use the weekend to move toward unanimity."

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"The views of the United States are very important ... We will take them into account."

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"What matters in our eyes is that he's the president's choice and that he's close to the president. That gives him certainly the authority to deal with us in New York."

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"He's a very smart guy who can be very constructive, who can be very creative. So I think it will be very interesting to spend a few months with him in the Security Council."

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"I think honestly he can keep doing his job... It's important for him and for us to have a good outcome at this summit. If we have a good outcome, if we have real reforms to be implemented in the months to come, I think the secretary general will be in a more comfortable position."

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"The secretary-general as of today is perceived as a diplomat and political person who has responsibility, this is how he is perceived rather than as a manager. And proper tribute is paid to him for the work he does on the political and diplomatic fronts."

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"We have every trust in him."

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"You cannot give all the powers to the secretary general. The General Assembly has to keep its main prerogative, and the secretary general and all bodies should be accountable to the General Assembly."

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