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"I would like, on behalf of my government, to condemn the attack on Jammu this morning,"

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"The EU ban reflected the international community's strongest message that acts of terrorism by the LTTE would not be tolerated,"

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"In the days ahead we will urge the international community to join us in support of the earthquake's victims and we will be vigorously engaged"

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"We view the restoration of democracy and civilian rule within a constitutional framework as crucial to fostering long-term stability in Pakistan,"

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"A spark could lead to an unintended conflict."

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"We are worried about the continued mobilization of both armies facing each other,"

"This is just the type of barbarism that the war on terrorism is determined to stop. I express my sympathies to the families of the victims."

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"without shelter to protect them from the rapidly deteriorating weather, a second wave of deaths could occur if efforts are not stepped up immediately."

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"It is wonderful that India was able to step forward with the assistance it did. We certainly are encouraging any progress in the direction of peace,"

"We will continue to encourage the international community to step up and help in this long-term effort,"

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