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"We needed somebody to get the hit. They weren't going to let Bone beat them. It's going to fall on those guys hitting after Bone all season. This is just one of 28 league games. We have 27 more, this is what the big games are like."

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"We couldn't get that one hit all game. It seemed like we had runners in scoring position in every inning. We couldn't get that hit to break the game open."

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"He did a good job of locating his fastball and mixing up his curveball and changeup. He threw them both for strikes. It was the best he's pitched for us all year."

"We had kind of gone flat. But then they opened the door for us, and gave us a chance."

"Moorehead pitched good and did a good job of keeping them off balance. He got some double play balls for us to get out of some jams."

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"They had some big hits. In fact, I think at one point they had six hits in a row."

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"He wasn't overpowering but he changed speeds. We didn't do a good job of adjusting to him. We did late in the game, but we hit into three double plays, which really kept us from getting any momentum."

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"We swung the bats pretty well."

"That's what makes it fun. You have guys with ability and guys with promise, and you try developing that potential."

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"Travis and Tommy are the two experienced guys we've got that had over 100 at-bats. So really, they're leaders for us on the field, in the dugout and in the clubhouse."

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