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"These are decent people. We're in a situation with Cedric that's tough because of a lot of factors. I think the expectation was that this one would go smoother than the facts have allowed it to go. But we've maintained a professional approach and respect, and that's been important."

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"It's very unusual, but it's a credit to the Bears. I try hard to disengage the personal from the professional."

"In a sense, what you do is like a referee: Half the people are going to like it, half are going to hate it. Humility, to me, is the key to not letting it get to you. Every day you evaluate, stay humble, pliable, flexible and still have strong convictions. I'm not looking for someone's approval. My focus is my client."

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"It's something they have to go through. And they won't do it again."

"I think he would consider (playing). He's in shape. He's just taking his time and keeping his options open. ... He's not quick to make decisions. He's pretty thoughtful."

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"I think he's keeping his options open, maybe for the right situation."

"We knew the season was approaching, ... and we wanted to get things resolved prior to that because he didn't want that distraction, nor did the Steelers. I think both sides created a sense of urgency, and we had substantial talks over the last couple of days to get where we are."

"Not having a point of agreement can tend to be frustrating on both sides. Communication helps to keep the emotions managed."

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"Once they make that decision, you can't really look back. I lay out their options and educate them on the risks. We just want to make sure that they make an informed decision, not an emotional one."

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"Richard worked something out and went in. Hines, when you consider where he is in his career, has got to do a deal while he's at the top of his charts with his performance. His risk is greater than that of a 25-year-old."

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