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"Our Renoir to Rothko [exhibition] was very well attended, but the Pop Art show was not very well received. Of course, we would love to have an Impressionist show, but who wouldn't?"

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"These priceless artworks from the collection of their Armory Chamber provide insight into the extraordinary lives of the Moscow princes and tsars of Russia prior to the founding of St. Petersburg in the early 18th century."

"I'd like it to be higher, ... but there are an awful lot of museums in this country and around the world that would be pleased to have even half that attendance. I think it's a very respectable number. I'd like to have a thousand people a day going through there, but it could get a little bit jammed. We don't have a huge space, but it's a respectable size. It is what it is. What I'd really like to see is a higher percentage of our visitors being local and not tourists."

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"If we were going to fail, we would've failed by now. We are about to celebrate our fourth anniversary on Oct. 7 and we are starting to plan events for next year, when we have our fifth anniversary. We're here for the long term. We're financially stable."

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