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"I will do what it takes to get through this year,"

"Israel, for its part, has taken necessary steps to further progress with the Palestinians. The Palestinians, for their part, continue to refuse to take the necessary steps to prevent terror against Israel."

"This bombing ... is another indication that the Palestinian Authority must take proper steps against terror, and without these steps, there will be no progress between both sides."

"Israel has taken the necessary steps to further the prospects of peace with the Palestinians,"

"If he'll load into his trailer, he'll be there."

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"The foot problems were really getting to be worrisome in the old enclosure. I'm confident we've seen the end of that."

"They're just apprehensive about 'the new,' ... They're very intelligent animals. They're creatures of habit just like we are."

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"They're very, very cautious animals."

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"The instructors were often neophytes at teaching us, but they possessed the information. We used the Socratic method. We had to ask them about the things we wanted to know, but there were other musicians who were interacting with us all the time, each leading a group."

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"Evangelicals, through their own scholarship as well as the support and encouragement of such bodies as Tyndale Fellowship, the John Wesley Fellowship and, to a lesser extent, the Institute for Biblical Research, have been able to secure positions in academic institutions beyond those traditionally regarded as evangelical. This includes folks teaching at major public and private universities."

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