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"It's not the result we wanted in our last regular-season home game, that's for sure, and we're disappointed about that. It's disappointing, but that's all I can say. We just move on from here."

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"All the games are going to be tight, and we just have to worry about ourselves and make sure we get into good form coming into next week and just compete."

"[Spartan Stadium] is a tough place to play. I think the attitude coming in was very positive, but with [San Jose] getting the first goal, and now us chasing the game, it makes it doubly hard on us in a building where you don't have a lot of space."

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"I knew in the second half we'd have to buckle our seat belts a little bit, because they were going to throw some numbers at us. I was proud of my team."

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"We've got a good mentality when we play on the road. It's never easy to come in to Crew Stadium and get a win, so this was big for us. We might have 56 straight days on the road, but it doesn't bother us."

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"I think (the rest was) clearly a bonus for us because we had hit the wall physically and mentally. I think we've caught a great time to get our breath, get our batteries charged, get a few guys back healthy and rest a few guys that had had some knocks and bruises."

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"At halftime we felt that as long as we are patient and do a good job with possession we could get the goal back. ... When you are down a goal and you're trying to push to get the goal there are going to be situations that will allow the game to open up and that's what happened. You still have to make the defensive plays out of those situations and tonight we didn't."

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"What happened in the second half is we just didn't handle the ball well. We'd turn the ball over. We didn't take advantage of [Kansas City's] turnovers and they did [take advantage of ours]."

"Good teams can make one play into something and they did. They made a play that made the difference for them."

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"We respected Rochester from the opening whistle, and they were a tough team tonight. We knew that it could go that far and I was proud of my team after conceding a goal for hanging in there. We were a little bit whipped, but we just wanted to keep our composure during the overtime and make sure we didn't give up a second goal. I'm proud of my team and pleased to be advancing."

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