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"Our defense is going to stay the same. Teams might score a few more points because we might play a little bit at a faster pace, but our defense will remain one or two in the league."

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"Milicic created a brief fi restorm midway through last season when he griped publicly about his endof-the-bench status. A meeting among Milicic, Brown and president of basketball operations Joe Dumars eased those tensions, but Billups revealed that Milicic remained sullen and frustrated by Brown's constant rebukes."

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"Larry beat him up too much,"

"Larry beat him up too much. He tore the kid's confidence apart too much, and it was tough for him to recover,"

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"We're just tough, man,"

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"We go back to the hotel instead of to the airplane."

"[But if that were to happen,] my teammates would not enjoy playing with me, ... They would think I am a selfish player, and I would rather not have them think of me that way."

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"He's 18, but he looks, the way he's built, like he's 27 or 28. And he doesn't act like a kid. He's very mature for his age."

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"I am definitely going to miss him."

"We felt we had a chance to win this series, but nobody else felt that. We knew we were the only ones who believed in us."

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