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"I think every time he pitches, he's more emotional than he shows. Part of his pitching is that he gets up for these situations."

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"We won the series. Hopefully that will be good enough. We just have to keep winning."

"Maybe it can stay 1-0 after the fifth and then it will downpour. Maybe (the remnants of Hurricane) Rita can speed up and pour on them, maybe make the game end there."

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"I'll just let Bobby manage his team. I've got enough problems with mine."

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"Like I've told you guys before, he's what makes our offense go,"

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"He's being more patient. He's getting what I like to call hitter's counts."

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"Look, Jimmy Rollins is what makes our offense go. Jimmy is what I like to call our catalyst."

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"The bottom line is we've got to win and keep on going. I think we've still got a shot. Before the game, if you had told me they were only going to score three runs, I would have said we win that game."

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"You never know, ... You stay with it until the end. It's like Yogi Berra said, it ain't over until it's over and the fat lady sings."

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"We should definitely have a big crowd. I know people in Philadelphia are good baseball fans."

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