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"Instead of having their heads up and feeling good, they start bickering in the tunnel. So I think that was key."

"I'd rather take a chance on defending it. See if they can make it at home and take your chances in overtime. On the road, it may be a different story."

"We didn't get back on 'D' like we should have. Some of it was mental, guys missing shots and they don't run back."

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"Anytime you win and have to fight to get through it, you learn from it. Experience is your biggest learning tool. We went through it, had some slip-ups on defense early and then late. And there were ill-advised shots that allowed them to stay in it, but at the same time, we held our poise and found a way to win it, which is the most important thing."

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"We held our poise and found a way to win it."

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"I thought we had a great finish to the first half both defensively and offensively. But they just kept coming at us."

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"We made plays at gut-check times."

"It's been a long week. My wife asked me if I am all right. She asked, 'What's wrong?' With me, it's just that I'm afraid if we don't improve or change some of those things, teams with scouting and abilities can exploit us. Then I'll be saying the same things to you three weeks from now, that we haven't improved."

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"He's not 100 percent yet but he'll continue with the water therapy and riding the (stationary) bike and they might even let him do a little shooting. As long as he doesn't go crazy, anything that gets the blood flowing there helps the healing process. It was a positive report."

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"The condition of inebriation is very nearly a universal experience and the words come from all our societal venues-the fraternity house, debutante ball, literary luncheon, longshoreman's bar, the Wild West."

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