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"We won some matches we weren't sure about, so that's a positive for us. Everyone getting a win at the state tournament is good for the program."

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"Getting the seven wins was a great start to the day. We were in second place after the first session, but unfortunately the tournament doesn't end until (today)."

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"We've got five still alive. If we can keep on winning, especially on the front side of the bracket, we'll be pretty close to where we are right now."

"I know we wrapped up the No. 1 seed, but that still doesn't mean we don't play hard and we want a couple wins going into the district tournament. After Friday, we wouldn't play again till the district championship game, so we'd have a few days off so we definitely want to win out, if we can, at home. I mean, they're going to be two tough games back-to-back."

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"Five of our guys have a state finalist or returning state champion in their weight."

"Because they've been here and know other wrestlers and schools, sometimes it can be a lot to handle. It really depends on the individual."

"We're done with the tough stuff. We're fine tuning. We call this week the check-up from the neck up."

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"We don't feel we are putting that roadway in any significant danger at all and don't feel that this has any significant impact on the city of Eastport in any way other than the visual impact of seeing the ships go by."

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"Saturday is a big day for all of us and we are looking forward to our first competitive match,"

"We know that we will face a talented team,"

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