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"Our fans are sophisticated enough to know that the overwhelming majority of players are excellent people both on and off the field."

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"Obviously a breakdown in communications."

"was exactly what many people felt. It was inappropriate."

"It was instituted not to aid gamblers, but the reverse, so that Vegas gamblers can't infiltrate a team to get an advantage."

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"No one can deny that just the name Vegas implies sports betting."

"We are aware that gambling exists, and we do everything to distance ourselves from it."

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"We make every best effort to police the activity and try to stop it before we have to take legal action."

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"We appreciate the offer, but Los Angeles is not under consideration."

"[League spokesman Brian McCarthy, meanwhile, told the Los Angeles Times that West] expressed an unscripted opinion. ... for their entertainment value, not their political views."

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"A league meeting at this juncture would have been premature."