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"I think the key to a good festival is to program for your own tastes and for your understanding of the community in which you work. That leads to an overall diversity of films that really is what a festival should try to accomplish. Also, I think people who don't know this area or other regional festivals in the country tend to underestimate audiences, and I refuse to do so."

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"These movies have reacted to the sexual attitudes of the day."

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"I think it's about celebrating identity more than trying to teach people about tolerance"

"While Japan is obviously a wonderful and exciting place to visit, I have to admit I was surprised that there were three Japanese cities in the top 200 because I didn't think that most people would be able to confidently identify that number of cities in Japan."

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"Many (such teachers) came and went into schools as substitute teachers. If substitute teachers did not seek certification, they probably intended to go back."

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"I don't feel (Sparks) had the intent to do what he did when he walked up to the yard."

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"I feel bad for my grandson who had to see his pet shot. After the first shot (which injured the animal), I'm not sure why (Sparks) continued to chase the dog through the yard and shoot."

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"I about did 50 cartwheels when he agreed to come. He's on a hot streak with documentaries in the last few years. We got lucky."

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"We are getting a lot more 'yes' answers (to invitations) this year. We worked very hard to get some good films, some recognizable actors and directors."

"St. Patrick?s Day is, traditionally in Ireland, a religious holiday. From what I gather in Ireland, the American influence has taken over."

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