quotes of Charlene Johnson; 5 quotes

"I'm ready for some warm weather. Spring has fooled us."

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"When I look back at their lives, at the hardships they endured and the sacrifices they made for generations they had never even met, I don?t see how we can do less."

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"She remembers so much and I have tapes of her telling stories about the old days. My family used to say I was an old young person because my cousin and I used to love to sit with my great aunt and listen to her stories. It was just fascinating the stuff she used to say."

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"I just find the whole subject so exciting, it really is my passion."

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"I just think it?s so important for people to know their history and to know where they came from. It helps you understand yourself better and it gives you a clearer perception of your life and your family."

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