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"That's the gutsiest coaching call I've ever seen. I think a lot of credit goes to Coach [Urban] Meyer. Obviously, it was his call. Then again, if you miss something like that, you're a moron."

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"It was basically complications from surgery, and that really got scary. At that point, that was my third reconstruction, my second on my right knee. It required four more surgeries to clean [the infection] up. At one point last year, it was doubtful I would play. I had great doctors."

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"When a team capitalizes on your mistakes, that makes it almost impossible to come back."

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"I think we were happy we were able to fight and at least give ourselves a chance at the end. Because we certainly didn't deserve to be there."

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"I think Clint will be the first one to tell you, he's embraced the mistakes he's made and has gone out of his way to help younger guys avoid those pitfalls. I think that says more about him than anything he'll ever do on the football field."

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"They're not at all similar to the team we saw (in 2004). They're definitely the best football team we've seen since Ohio State."

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"They certainly never played the odds or did what would be conventional. When you make good on those risks, you're tough to beat."

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"We were ready to roll. They hit you with that fake punt and everyone was shocked on our sideline."

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"I think that was tough for him."

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"Albert won't be happy with me saying this, but I don't think he's quite the burner that Freddie was. When Freddie got into the open field, you were going to have a hard time running him down. Albert is the type of guy who's consistently reliable. Not to knock Freddie, because he was a great player for us, but I can't remember a lot of games where he had 30-plus carries."

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