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"Everyone, from our goaltender on out, played hard tonight. It was a big difference from the other night. Tonight, we played like we had been playing prior to Tuesday, when we dropped off a bit."

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"The 24-hour rule is on for us with another big game coming up. We've won five of our last seven games and we have to keep it going."

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"We've talked about things that have happened here in the past. When you get on a run it's pretty amazing what can happen. You saw what happened a couple of years ago when we got points in something like 22 of our last 23 games."

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"In our dressing room, we knew we have good goaltending."

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"The bottom line is we have to win hockey games and we've got to be one goal or more better than our opposition to do that. Let's just make sure we're keeping pucks out of our own net."

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"I'm assuming that's the way it's going to be from here on in. That's what we've been told. I'm assuming it's going to carry on like (Saturday) and I know that's what the IIHF wants, too."

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"It doesn't bother me at all. Whether you like it or not, it's irrelevant. The call was made and (the IIHF) had the opportunity to review it and they looked at the tape and decided it wasn't worth reviewing and I'm fine with that. I trust them on that."

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"The call was made. They had the opportunity to review it. As far as the IIHF was concerned, they didn't feel it was worth a suspension or worth a review. I trust them on that."

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"Any time you go through two games as we have and against two very good opponents, and we get goaltending like we did, it's huge. It's always a confidence builder, and even more so when you have a young team."

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"I never questioned that he'd do it. I'd seen him so many times this year do it and Justin was the guy everybody fed off."

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