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"I think it's a constructive move. He's an experienced hand who is clearly effective in dealing with bright, energized thinkers. I don't expect the Senate to have many problems with this nomination."

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"It looks like it's four (up) weeks in a row... The market wants to go higher."

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"I like two stocks, Apache and Ocean Energy. I don't own either of them. The firm doesn't make a market in any of them. We don't have an investment banking relationship, to the best of my knowledge, but I think both stocks have done well in the poor market, ... Apache is really building a pipeline of reserves. They drill in seven major countries. They're natural gas rich. They have held in this market and I think we can look for big earnings coming up over the next year or two."

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"This is still a time to be reasonably cautious. The durability of rallies leaves lot to be desired. People need to be selective in what they choose to buy, and they need to be more internationally aware than they were before."

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"Investors are likely to say, 'Aha! Merrill tried to pull the wool over our eyes,' ... It will make them even more suspicious and cautious."

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"When a company reverses itself in this manner, it puts investors ill at ease."

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"I think it's bottom-fishing from an oversold condition."

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"You've got bargain hunting among the blue chips on the promise that the U.S. may be able to contain the violence in the Middle East."

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"Royal Dutch is the second-biggest energy company in the world. They've been buying back their own stock, ... They bought $3 billion back last year, $1.5 billion this year and I think that's a play because it`s selling below its peers."

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"Warren Buffett has shown the ability to endure. He hasn't lost his touch."

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