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"I gotta tell you, ... It's pretty crazy when you think about taking whatever's on the other end of that line and bringing it in here."

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"And Ted Koppel comes walking down the aisle. We'd met a few times, so we said hello."

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"We became pretty sensitive about it. We visited Great Ormond Street Hospital when we were in England to do research and we saw the tremendous need for funds."

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"I believe that's one of the finest action regurgitation scenes in the history of literature, ... I'd put it right up there."

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"And, I think it says something about Steve as a performer, and as a man, that no one noticed."

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"You get people from all walks of life here -- who work in domestic service."

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"We had three pairs of women's underwear on stage after our show in Seattle. Of course they were on the large side."

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"It's a concept I've often thought of."

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"He'd tried to strike up a conversation with her."

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"Ridley is a tea drinker."

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