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"He's back in the rotation. He's been a horse here."

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"He's a control guy. He just didn't control the ball tonight. His arm, finger, everything is fine. But he did not have good results tonight, at all."

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"He just gave up a ton of ground balls tonight that were infield hits and ones that got through. He just threw so many pitches."

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"He could hit a little and throw a little. He was always funny, a guy you wanted to have on your team."

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"He (Ramirez) was outstanding and he really threw great."

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"Every once in a while he tries to overthrow out there. He throws 100 (mph) instead of pitching."

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"He's the same as last year to me. He just has to control that slider a little better. Last year those balls were against the wall, caught. The ball was jumping tonight. There was a little breeze blowing out."

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"Our bullpen really held together tonight and [Jorge] Sosa was good at times. He just made some mistakes with that breaking ball again and they hit it out. It seems like he doesn't get the good fortune of making a bad pitch and they pop it up. It went out tonight."

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"We did a lot of that last year, the two-out hits. Those are hard to come by during the course of a season and we've had our share last year and we got them tonight."

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"He threw an awful lot of strikes - he really had everything working. That's one of his best games ever."

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