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"She's a good girl. She's a really hard worker. She won't be afraid of going with them on Sunday. She's not afraid of pain."

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"Before this is over, I predict there's going to be a lot opposition to this program. This is a pretty divisive issue."

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"They went over to the guard shack at the tower and he (the guard) was able to raise someone."

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"There were two planes affected - one trying to take off and one trying to come in."

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"When we got feedback from other airports about how well their lots were working, there seemed to be a correlation between success and proximity to the terminal. Those airports which reported a lack of success had lots further from the terminal."

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"Those spaces were heavily used, so we moved it to another area with 45 spaces in time for Thanksgiving 2005."

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"There's a whole list of things that we keep as possibilities. The biggest one would be terminating care unless people pay up front."

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"We are one of the safety nets - the biggest safety net - for people who need primary care in our community."

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"We canceled the Fourth of July concerts. Every year that was a money loser. If someone had come along and sponsored it, that would have been fine, but year after year it was a money loser."

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"We've lost a third of our corporate contributions."

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