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"I think he's done a nice job everywhere. He's had to prepare everywhere and it's a different look and a different bounce. He could play any of those positions every day."

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"I haven't seen Drew. I don't know how far away he is. Royce has done a great job this year and Alex is a guy that can do it, so we do have some options."

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"It's going to have to be an organizational decision that we talk about at the end of the season."

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"Kelly's really done well."

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"Sometimes you just have a disappointing year. I'm not saying it's disappointing in our eye, so to speak. I just think he expected more out of himself."

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"Russ just lost it in a hurry. He threw the ball great for three innings and then lost his command. He wasn't as crisp in the strike zone."

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"You know what you're going to get out of him. You're going to get about 85 percent sinkers and make you try and get the ball up in the air. He'll throw you sinkers until you make an adjustment. If you do get a couple of baserunners he's one of the best at getting the double-play ball."

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"[Arizona | Troy Glaus hit his 33rd and 34th homers off sinkerball pitcher Aaron Cook.] He makes it hard on a lowball pitcher, because he is a good lowball hitter, ... He can lift the ball with the arc that he does and the strength he has can hit a home run."

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"I saw it hit whatever and bounce up in the air, and Klesko obviously thought it was a home run. But they said maybe it hit behind the pad on concrete. So they should do something about that."

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"It makes me feel good. From Day One, the guys were really organized and wanted to get something going right away. Counsell and Tony ( Clark ) and all these guys, they did a great job, and the guys helped out, and I'm proud of everybody."

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