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"Some of these people, we're the only person they'll see all day or all week."

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"I like knowing that I'm helping others. I call it front-line service. You know that you're directly helping someone with your efforts."

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"One of the senators who voted with us in committee and against us on the floor is here."

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"That's not at all true, because Sam's Johnson's votes on the issues is what I based my campaign on."

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"It seems like that is a pretty stable result. Oh, well. So much as for my efforts to change the course of Republican politics. That is a pretty hard brick to hit your head against."

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"I thought we had elected officials for (representing county issues). We may need this some other year, but we don't need it this year."

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"Agriculture as we know it is going to disappear over the next 20 to 25 years. The growth is more than anyone had predicted."

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"It is a marquee building for downtown, no question about it. If we can do something to preserve it, we want to do that sooner rather than later."

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"Everything happened like it was supposed to. Safety was there. Ambulances were there. Paramedics were there, but there's always room for improvement."

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"Melissa's broad experiences in the hospitality industry as well as her familiarity to the New Jersey area make her a valuable asset to our team. We are pleased to welcome her to the talented staff at the Country Inn & Suites, Newark Airport."

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