quotes of Theodore Roosevelt; 148 quotes

"One of the great sights which every American, if he can travel at all, should see."

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"The lord of stealthy murder."

"The Winchester is by all odds the best weapon I ever had and I now use it almost exclusively. The Winchester is the best gun for any game to be found in the United States, for it is as deadly, accurate and handy as any, stands very rough usage, and is unapproachable for the rapidity of its fire and the facility with which it is loaded."

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"The great virtue of my radicalism lies in the fact that I am perfectly ready, if necessary, to be radical on the conservative side"

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"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."

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"All the resources we need are in the mind."

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"To sit home, read one's favorite newspaper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. It is what evil men count upon the good men's doing."

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"The potential for damage is much larger than we've seen in the past, ... The markets are a little spooked about our refining capacity and our ability to pump for oil in the Gulf of Mexico."

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"He told me that when (Ralph Waldo) Emerson came to California, (Muir) tried to get him to come out and camp with him, for that was the only way in which to see at their best the majesty and charm of the Sierras, ... Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography."

"the one characteristic more essential than any other is foresight. . . It should be the growing nation with a future which takes the long look ahead."

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