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"He was convicted on his own statement. There was absolutely no evidence [my client] had anything personally to do with the mention of any bomb and no physical evidence a bomb was about to be constructed."

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"I thought our guys were flat, but (CDS) is a good team, definitely a talented team. I think the lesson from this is our boys need to show up in a highly aggressive, competitive state of mind."

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"Certainly over the past year and earlier, the amount of money that was supposed to be in the respective funds was, in fact, not there."

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"We are trying to revitalize things here, ... We want to make Calvert home to the three A's - authors, artists and antiques."

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"They can't easily say what they want to say in case they're deemed unpatriotic. It's all part of a fear-based hypnosis, so I was worried about how they'd take the track, but I played it when I was on tour in the US and people loved it."

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"People laugh at the Stones because of their age. Mick, Charlie, Ron and Keith can still play with the best of the young bands today."

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"It basically has a crystal in it whose frequency is proportional to a temperature, ... As the temperature increases, the frequency increases and vice versa."

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"It can stay in the body for a couple of days and the pill itself can operate for nine days, ... But generally, in the case of football players, the food's going to push through more quickly. So, as a general rule, it's a 24-hour, one-day pill."

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"We opened in probably the worst way you can open a school."

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"My voice was not heard, the questions were not asked that I wanted to see asked."

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