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"There are some in foster care and some in quarantine. The court said they would be released to us."

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"You were frustrated with her, you wanted to help her because this is a mental illness, this hoarding is, and you also were frustrated with her and you wanted to do to her what she was doing to the dogs...Some real mixed emotions when you went on the property."

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"It was horrific, I don't know how else to explain it."

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"They were just running wild all over the property. It was worse than anything I have seen, worse than I have seen on (the television channel) Animal Planet."

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"We learned to feed off each other even more this season than last. Her moving up top just made my job easier and our team better."

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"It was starting to get pretty frustrating toward the end of my sophomore year. Teams would put two and three players on me and I wasn't getting good opportunities."

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"It's always difficult playing against a great team because you can't play your own game. You have to play around their game. In the second half, we did that, made some changes and (won)."

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"This is amazing, beating the No.1 team in the nation and getting to play for a state championship my senior year. We worked so hard for this. We wanted this bad."

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"That was big. It really gave us a little more confidence."

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"We've been playing so well. This is the perfect season! We couldn't ask for anything better."

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