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"We had an opportunity to coach him in the Pro Bowl and that's a special player. Andre Johnson has turned into one of the better receivers in the National Football League."

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"He was very impressive. Willie gives you the element the other guys don't have, the speed factor."

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"There's no question that he's the best there is when he's healthy. He was an integral part of our defensive success before the injury, and we expect him to be part of the future as well. He has worked very hard to come back, so we're not worried about him at all."

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"I'm their biggest fan every Sunday; they go out there and play. I'm pulling for them, for the people in New Orleans and everything they're going through. If there are three or four hours that people can get away from the reality that is existing for them right now, the uncertainty, the unknown, the Saints can bring a sense of pride to them for that short period of time."

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"I thought he did a lot of good things. He tackled very well. He was in position when needed to be in position. I thought he played a solid game."

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"I've got to see them run and I've got to see them jump, cut and accelerate. They have to feel comfortable and I have to feel comfortable."

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"You're going to have go through a little bit of that down cycle. I think when you have some stability with the coaching staff, you have some stability with the front office, I think you're able to bounce back quicker."

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"If you look at us two years ago, we were 6-10 and probably a lot like Tennessee, where the year before we were in the playoffs. Tennessee is coming off a tough year last year. As I told the team, two years ago they were 12-4 and came up here and whipped our tails pretty good in this stadium."

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"The biggest concern I have is making sure we understand that we aren't going to pick up where we left off."

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"Mike may make a couple of mistakes, but somewhere along the line you are going to feel his presence on the field."

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