quotes of Voltaire; 353 quotes

"Work banishes those three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty."

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"All people are equal, it is not birth, it is virtue alone that makes the difference."

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"Independence in the end is the fruit of injustice."

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"Originality is nothing but judicious plagiarism."

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"Everything is for the best in this best of possible worlds."

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"All styles are good except the tiresome kind."

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"History is only the register of crimes and misfortunes."

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"My life is a struggle."

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"This self-love is the instrument of our preservation; it resembles the provision for the perpetuity of mankind: it is necessary, it is dear to us, it gives us pleasure, and we must conceal it."

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"Froth at the top, dregs at bottom, but the middle excellent."

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