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"This is the start of tax season, with people receiving 1040s in mail"

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"It feels good to bring Farm Aid back to the state where it all started-and to see the seeds that were planted in Champaign in 1985 take root all over the country, ... The resilience and perseverance of America's farm families are helping to build a new system of agriculture."

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"We just about threw away the whole store and restocked it,"

"I'm proud to be one of you"

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"[The Nashville establishment] had already figured out how to cut hits, ... They didn't need our help."

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"The majority firms are all over the place, ... We just want an equal opportunity. But it's been very difficult. They seem to be more interested in taking care of their own while we try to just get a foot in the door"

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"The whole house came up and I came up with it, ... I was just praying to the Lord to take care of me."

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"Can I have that thing over there, or something like it?"

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"We're still here trying to get the word out that 330 farmers are quitting every week."

"Mainly because I'd already been paid on it . . . and paid pretty good."